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Listing Guidelines & Terms Of Service

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your event information:

  • If your event is already listed click here to update it for the 2024 season or retrieve your login information.
  • We focus on listing LOCAL Halloween related events & attractions held during the current year.
  • Do NOT use profanity, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, numbers, or special characters in your listing title. Re-formatting takes time and those entries may be deleted or not approved.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to your information and listing (ex. spelling, capitalization, grammatical, etc.)
  • All listings MUST have an event phone number OR an event email address (used for visitors to contact you in the event of inclement weather or for more information).
  • Please leave form fields that are not applicable to your listing blank. (e.g. Don't fill them in with "NA" or "none", etc.)
  • LIMIT of ONE EVENT LISTING PER VENUE/ADDRESS. If hosting multiple events at the same location (example: a farm that has a haunted house, pumpkin patch, hayride, spook walk, etc), please do NOT submit multiple entries – instead, consolidate all events into a single listing with the appropriate categories selected.
  • Photos must be in GIF or JPEG format and total less than 2MB combined. For help with pictures please visit PicResize.com to properly size your photos.
  • Fields with an Asterisk (*) next to it are Required fields - Inclusion of any bogus information will result in your listing being removed.
  • Submitting an event does NOT guarantee it will be added to our site - We reserve the right to remove/refuse publication of any listing without notice or explanation. To see our full Terms & Conditions of Use, Click Here.

Submitter Information

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Haunted TrailsHome HauntsParanormal Events
Theaters & PlaysScream ParksZombie 5k Runs
Haunted River ToursHaunted RestaurantsHaunted Ships
Haunted MuseumsHaunted Mini GolfHaunted Halloween Airbnb
Kid Friendly Fall Attractions
Pumpkin PatchesHalloween Festivals & ParadesHay Rides (Kid Friendly)
Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly)Kids PartiesSafe Trick or Treating
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